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Pump up the jam


I snapped this little pic of Mikey in action Saturday during our little dance party pre-game before hitting up the bars in Manasquan.  There’s nothing better than tearing it up in a sweaty packed shore house at 10 pm, especially when you drop the joint below.  Compliments of Missingtoof.

Tenderloins – Pump Up The Jam


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Grindin\'!Thanks to all that made it out to the birthday party Friday night.  Shit was even better than expected! Muchlove to all my out-of-towners who made the trek too.  Hope everyone had as good of a time as I did.  Thanks also to the girl who was throwing dollar bills at us while we were djing.  I hope that’s a new trend you started!


I may have been just really drunk, but it seemed like the crowd was totally feeling  Dj Donna Summer’s “Sweet Assed Child O Mine.”  I mean seriously, how couldn’t you. 

Click to download Dj Donna Summer – Sweet Assed Child O Mine

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The Looks Freaky Friday Birthday Banger!

That’s right, Friday the 13th and Ryan’s birthday. How many more reasons do you need to come to check out The Looks Party.  How about cheap booze and kick ass dance music.  Alright, I’ll see your stankin asses there.

The Looks Freaky Friday Birthday Banger
Friday June 13th
@ The Gaslight
400 Adams St.
Hoboken Nj

p.s. Thanks to everyone who made it to the last party. It was a total success!  Sorry about the lack of pics though.   I had a bunch of great ones but lost my camera before I got to upload them.

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The Looks – Friday May 9th @ The Gaslight (Hoboken)

Once again back it’s the incredible…The Looks is back in yo area.  Friday, May 9th Ryan and Mikey are gonna tear the house down at The Gaslight in Hoboken.  Tell your friends, and tell your friends to tell their friends and let’s get this place poppin.  Holla front, Jalepeno, Holla back!

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The Looks Party: Thursday, March 20th

The Looks
@ The Dark Horse
Morristown, NJ
10 pm – 2am

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